Erasmus+ CBHE 2018 Grant Call: Grant Recipient/Applicant

Akaki Tsereteli State University (ATSU)

Project Type:

National Structural Project

Project title:

Role of Universities in the Regional Development/ RURD

Start Date: 15.11.2019

Duration: 24 months


Priorities and problems to be resolved in order to achieve long-term, sustainable growth and regional development that plays a significant role in the development of the country are reflected in:

  • Social-economic Development Strategy of Georgia ―GEORGA 2020
  • Unified Strategy for Education and Science for 2017-2021
  • Research Project Report 2017 The Role of Universities in Regional Development prepared by the National Erasmus+ Office Georgia

Need to develop regions and regional universities arose again in 2018 during the authorization process in accordance with new National Authorization Standards of HEIs with involvement of international experts from the leading EU universities as members of Authorization Commission. The Regional development is viewed as an important factor for achieving success on a national level.

Unfortunately the role of regional HEIs in a small country like Georgia is not clearly defined yet-only few universities have reflected particularities of their location and specific environment in mission and strategic development plans.

International experience shows that economic growth depends on effective planning and implementation of not only national, but also regional development policies, it depends on strong and competitive regions. Regional development is viewed as an important factor for achieving success on a national level.

Redefining mission and strategic development plans of the regional HEIs are important in order to be more relevant to the communities and regions where the universities are located. Therefore the project will address the challenges, namely the lack of cooperation between universities and local governments as well as less involvement of both sides into each other’s Strategy and Mission development.


The aim of the project is to make Georgian regional HEIs more relevant to the communities and regions they are located and to serve as a basis for regional development.


Specific Objectives of the project are:

  • to develop mission, vision and strategic development plans for regional universities based on SWOT analysis and local needs analysis in cooperation with local authorities and social partners
  • to increase cooperation between Universities and Local Government Authorities to increase their capacity and enhance specification of each region
  • to improve and modernize the management structures in universities of Georgia and make their administrative structures compatible with those of the European universities by gathering and sharing best practices from EU Partners


  • SWOT analysis at Regional Universities.
  • Training materials for Universities.
  • Study of best practice of regional universities in EU
  • Sharing of EU best practice at local level (in-house training);
  • local needs analysis;
  • Creation of Rectors’ Conference;
  • Training kits and trainings for HEIs administration and Local Authorities trainings;
  • Updated/revised mission, vision and strategy of regional universities; Management Plan for each Univeristy; Enhancement of Professional capacity of HEIs and local government. LLL courses
  • project web-site, conference