RURD Rectors Conference Meeting in Telavi, Georgia

Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University (TESAU) one of the participants of the Erasmus+ CBHE Project “ROLE OF UNIVERSITIES IN THE REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT” (RURD), hosted a meeting of the Conference of Rectors of Regional Universities on May 3, 2022.

The meeting was attended by the Rectors of the RURD project Consortium, representatives of the Ministry of Education of Georgia and National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement.

During the meeting a new Higher Education Funding Model (Regional Development) was discussed. The Rectors of the regional universities highlighted the following issues: Role of Universities at a local level- Third Mission Activites and Decision making at the level of Minicipality; creation and development of a unified academic platform for information dissemination.

The aim of the project is based on European experience to improve the role of regional HEI in the development of a region, to modernize Mission and Strategic Development Plan of regional Universities, increase cooperation between universities and local authorities to increase their capacity and enhance specification of each region.

All regional universities of Georgia and four European partners from Spain, Austria, Czech Republic and Lietuva are participants of the Project. Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement are also involved in the RURD Project.
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